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Postgraduate study

Student views

Peace Chima

MSc Public Health

Peace's time at Teesside has led to her job as a Primary Care Physician.

The classes inspired me to study and helped to boost my confidence.

Peace Chima

Why Teesside?

After completing my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree in Nigeria, I worked in specialist care. However, I knew I had a flair for public health and I was interested in pursuing a master’s degree in the field. I searched for Universities that offered the course, and I was particularly interested in studying in the UK because I wanted a different learning experience to what I was used to.

I made enquiries with some Teesside alumni back in Nigeria and they gave positive reviews of their time in Middlesbrough. I was so encouraged by these reviews that I decided to go for it.

What was your course like?

The best thing about my course was conducting my final research. It was eye-opening and revealed some of my strengths. I had a supervisor who was helpful throughout the process and this really enabled me to progress with the research.

The relaxed environment and atmosphere really helped me to make friends with my classmates, who came from all around the world, and this was helpful for me being away from home. It was great meeting new people, learning with them and also having fun.

The classes inspired me to study and helped to boost my confidence. Even now that I’m out of the University system, I find that I still use the knowledge and skills learned during the course for my medical practice. I was able to develop life skills such as critical-thinking.

What was your social life like?

I had a lot of fun at Teesside University. From the welcome event for International students, to the time spent at the Students' Union socialising, there was a wide array of activities to choose from. I also enjoyed watching football matches at the Riverside Stadium and having nights out at restaurants in the town.

What have you been doing since graduation?

Since graduation, I have worked as a freelancer in health research analysis and I’m now working as a Primary Care Physician at Quickcare Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. My time at Teesside University definitely helped me to get closer to my goals.

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