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Postgraduate study

Student views

Paul Metcalfe

Paul studied mechanical engineering and now works as a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Nifco.

MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate

My course was essential in helping me reach the level I have in my career.

Paul Metcalfe

Why Teesside?

It was recommended by the apprenticeship employers I had at the time when I studied a part-time HNC and then a foundation degree, and then the employer I had when I studied my undergraduate degree.

Best thing about your course?

I’d say my classmates. There were a few of us who were part time – we shared ideas and talked through difficult subjects. It was one of my classmates who introduced me to Nifco, and five years after graduating they’re now my employer.

The course was challenging but I did enjoy it. The facilities were great with lots of available laboratory equipment.

Tell us about your major project

My project addressed a pressing need to reduce energy consumption within Teesside Beam Mill, largely to help improve sustainability. It was proposed by my employer as a real problem facing the company and was ultimately implemented following my research.

Has your course helped you get where you are today?

Yes. It was essential towards helping me reaching the level I have in my career within a short timescale. I get to use the knowledge I’ve learnt in areas including stress analysis, understanding finite element analysis and mechanics of materials. The course wasn’t easy, but was definitely worthwhile.