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Postgraduate study

Student views

Mary Nandawula

Master of Public Health

The staff are excellent and pushed me to do my best and they give you their unconditional support.

Mary Nandawula

Why Teesside?

I found out about Teesside through social media and saw that it is one of the top universities in the UK.I have a background in midwifery and Teesside offered the course that would allow me to build that foundation of knowledge.

How was the course?

It is informative and practical which I enjoyed. You explore a range of areas and issues with a connection to public health. We learned about diseases and illnesses like diabetes, obesity and hypertension, this is fascinating to me, as because of my background in midwifery I already had some basic knowledge on these areas but was able dive deeper in this course.

Best thing about your course?

The staff were so supportive, and my classmates were very helpful, especially during discussions and group work. I enjoyed working with my classmates on projects and hearing what they thought about certain issues in public health. We worked together on an assignment about how to manage a disaster in a community, listening to how each person approached the assignment was both insightful and interesting.

Favourite module?

Designing a research project is my favourite module, I chose a topic I was passionate about and was able to plan every step of the project with assistance. The support from the staff inspired me to produce a piece of work that I was really proud of and conducting my own research was a highlight of the module, I improved at collecting journal articles and critical writing for my research.

How did your time at Teesside help you achieve your goals?

Completing this course helped me further my career by improving my research and leadership skills. As a teacher it is important to be confident around students and the course helped with that.

How was your time at Teesside?

I’m grateful for the time I spent studying at Teesside. The staff are excellent and pushed me to do my best and they give you their unconditional support. I’m looking forward to one day completing a PhD at Teesside.

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