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Postgraduate study

Student views

Marek Jaaskon

MSc Accounting and Finance

I would recommend studying at Teesside, it is a lively environment with caring and helpful staff and students

Marek Jaaskon

Why Teesside?

Returning to education after 12 years was one of the best decisions I have made, investing in your education is always the best investment. The staff at Teesside are welcoming and helpful and answered any questions I had.

Why accounting and finance?

The finance world is dynamic and to be successful you need constant professional development and to challenge your existing understanding. My interest in finance is a longstanding one, I have worked in the sector for 15 years in financial management positions at major international companies. I have helped build a charity from the ground up and it’s a big personal and professional achievement of mine.

How are the campus and services?

The Teesside campus is vibrant and a great place to make friends and study. After lectures and seminars, I spend countless hours in the Library working and preparing for upcoming assignments, it is one of my favourite places to spend time.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies?

I was fortunate to be part of Enactus Teesside which gave me an insight into the problems that impact the local community and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. We tried to find solutions to help people to reduce waste and food waste in their communities.

What did you do to relax?

I was part of the tennis society which is great for keeping fit and healthy. Studying for can leave you tired and drained, so it is important to find something you enjoy, and take you away from your studies for a few hours.

What’s next?

I have been awarded the Dr Keith Skeoch postgraduate scholarship at Teesside which is allowing me to continue my studies at postgraduate level.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would recommend studying at Teesside, it is a lively environment with caring and helpful staff and students. It is a small but loving community, for me my class felt like a second family.