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Postgraduate study

Student views

Srija Shrestha

MA Illustration

Srija studied MA Illustration after completing an undergraduate degree in business management. Read her student profile to find out what she thought of the MA.

The tutors were very encouraging and always there to support me to create work that felt true to my values and creative voice.

Srija Shrestha

Why study in the UK?

There’s a really diverse art community that is always open to new ideas, stories and cultural exchange. Navigating life abroad has made me feel much more confident about travelling by myself.

Why MA Illustration?

After studying BA (Hons) Business Management, I wanted to explore art and storytelling, so this was a good fit.

Best thing about the course?

I really enjoyed the briefs because they pushed me to experiment with different materials and methods. The tutors were always there to encourage and support me to create work that felt true to my values and creative voice. That really helped me feel at ease, as I could communicate with them comfortably and share my ideas openly.

Favourite module?

I enjoyed Visual Identity because it focused on understanding my creative voice and my values as an artist. I am still exploring my voice as it’s a lifelong process, but the module was a significant part in helping me become aware of it.

I also enjoyed working on my final project because I was encouraged to experiment. This led me to create something which felt personal to me and portrayed a part of my culture.

Tell us about the campus

I love the library, which is open 24/7, it’s a comfortable space to sit, work and catch up with your classmates.

Tell us about your project work

I was awarded the Creating Heroines 2021 grant supported by the British Council. I designed a virtual workshop for young girls which explored art and storytelling through the medium of comics and zines. The project was titled Dreams Across Borders which engaged with the theme of our dreams and a better society.

In 2021 I worked with mental health charity, Student Minds, where I created illustrations around the theme of mental health. This has led to me working with UNICEF South Asia, creating illustrations, icons and videos with the same theme.

Future plans?

I’d like to participate in artist residencies around the world and continue my creative practice. I would also like to apply for creative funds in the UK to initiate my personal projects, focusing on stories and culture from back home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Any advice for students thinking of studying here?

Do your research about your preferred subjects and get in touch with the university if you want to learn more about the course, they are an experienced and supportive team who are always there to guide you.

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