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Behaviour, Health & Resilience

The Behaviour, Health and Resilience Research Group is an established and expanding research unit, previously constituted as the Applied Psychology Research Unit in 2004. Membership of the group is located in the Department of Psychology (24 FTE) of the School of Social, Humanities and Law at Teesside University.

The Behaviour, Health and Resilience Research Group consists of researchers and researcher/practitioners working across various areas of psychology. Areas of specialism include cognitive psychology, social psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, counselling psychology, clinical psychology, evolutionary psychology and positive psychology.

Research topics in published research by group members include human life-history strategies, food supplementation and cognitive function, attentional interference, face recognition, giving evidence in court, extended contact and romantic relationships, behavioural cyber security and moral decision-making.

The Behaviour, Health and Resilience Research Group is committed to addressing real-world challenges, for example by assessing and improving psychological function in physical health conditions, mental-health conditions, interview practices in forensic settings, and decision-making and data analysis in health settings.

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