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Centre for Applied Psychological Science

Centre for Applied Psychological Science

The Centre for Applied Psychological Science (CAPS) bridges the gap between theoretical research and applied practice by providing evidence-based solutions to societal challenges.

Specialising in applied psychological research, it collaborates with the academic community, relevant practitioners, policymakers and the wider public to create new knowledge, understanding and insight. Utilising an interdisciplinary approach, CAPS provides psychological knowledge and perspective through engaging with other disciplines, industry partners, local authorities and third sector organisations.

Research is organised around four themes in which members of CAPS have achieved national and international prominence:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Vulnerability and communication in the criminal justice system
  • Pain and long-term conditions
  • Cognition and decision-making

These themes are underpinned by our strong methodological expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods, intervention development, systematic reviewing, service evaluation, co-production and embedded research.

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Research centre leads

Professor Paul Van Schaik

Professor Paul Van Schaik

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Research at Teesside

Dr Judith Eberhardt

High-quality and impactful public health research translates into real-world benefits to society in terms of improved health, wellbeing, and quality of life. When carried out with rigour and integrity, research can help improve people’s lives.

Dr Judith Eberhardt, Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Impact case studies

Improving access to justice for vulnerable people

Exploring the role of rapport-building and intermediaries in engaging vulnerable individuals in the Criminal Justice System

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Long-term health conditions: Putting experience first

Helping people with long-term health conditions and their health professionals improve self-management and wellbeing

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