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Rehabilitation & Exercise Sciences

Our applied research and innovation centres on the inter-related areas of disabling and painful conditions, associations between physical activity and health outcomes, and how physical activity interventions should be implemented in various populations.

Our work in and across these areas is informed by our particular methodological expertise. This includes high levels of expertise in systematic reviewing, physical, physiological and psychosocial measurement, research design and statistical analysis, healthcare user experience and education, and technology development and application.

Our work takes place in a rich research environment featuring strongly embedded research governance and ethical regulatory systems, dedicated administrative and financial support, and up-to-date facilities at Teesside University.

We actively encourage interdisciplinary working, facilitated by our researchers from a range of expert backgrounds:

  • the allied health professions
  • exercise physiology
  • nursing
  • statistics and research design
  • systematic reviewing.

Interdisciplinary working is further facilitated by our extensive network of local, national and international collaborators.

The centre is one of the hosts for the North East England Hub of the Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR).

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