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James Drew

James DrewBSc (Hons) Web Development

James’ placement was one of the highlights of his course.

It’s really satisfying to see things happen when the codes all come together.

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Emma Smith

Emma SmithBSc (Hons) Food, Nutrition and Health Science

Emma now works as a development technologist for Adelie Foods.

'I opted to do a placement year at Adelie Foods between the second and third years of my degree, developing ‘food to go’ products for Sainsbury’s.'

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Amy Archer

Amy ArcherBA (Hons) English Studies

Amy’s degree has given her a love of learning.

'The direction I have taken isn’t what I expected when I started, but I suppose that’s the point of a degree.'

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Emma Haslock

Emma HaslockFdA Counselling

Emma’s employers are supporting her through her part-time studies.

It is hard work, but I have learned so much and that is priceless.

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Michael Colledge

Michael ColledgeBSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Mental health)

Michael has been working as a nursing assistant since 1995, and is now training at degree level, supported by an NHS scholarship.

I have ended placements thinking that I could see myself working in this area.

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India Barnardo

India BarnardoBA (Hons) Digital Character Animation

India is an animator at Framestore, London

‘I recommend Teesside University and the course because of the warmth of the people, the superb facilities and because it hosts Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games.’

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