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Undergraduate study

Student views

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Sara Dennis

Sara DennisBA (Hons) English Studies with History

Sara’s degree from Teesside led to her dream job.

'I always loved English; it was my passion and my best subject at school.'

Meet Sara Dennis

Melissa Pink

Melissa PinkBA (Hons) Fine Art

Melissa is making the most of her time at Teesside, including an exchange to a German university.

'It felt right immediately as there was a lot of creative freedom.'

Meet Melissa Pink

Thomas Dohlen

Thomas DohlenBSc (Hons) Visualisation, 2010

Thomas came from Norway to complete a degree that has led to his dream job and now a prestigious award.

'I had a clear vision that I wanted to work in visual effects … ILM did cross my mind as a company I wanted to work for, but at that point it was more a dream than reality.'

Meet Thomas Dohlen

Heidi Hatfield

Heidi HatfieldBA (Hons) Public Relations

‘Teesside Business School is a great place to learn, the University is a great place to study and Middlesbrough is a great place to be a student.’

Mark McCarrick

Mark McCarrickBA (Hons) Television and Film Production

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to start making contacts and establishing your career, as Mark is finding out.

Meet Mark McCarrick

Kelly Naisbitt

Kelly NaisbettBSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Investigation*

Kelly Naisbitt said her time at Teesside was an amazing experience which allowed her to grow.

Meet Kelly Naisbitt