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Stuart Agnew

Stuart AgnewBSc (Hons) Criminology

‘The accessibility and experience of academic staff and generous postgraduate bursary made my decision to stay at Teesside easy.’

Dawn Taylor

Dawn TaylorUCCE French

‘I only had O level French from 20 years ago – now I feel extremely confident conversing in French.’

Lindsey Peebles

Lindsey PeeblesLLB (Hons) Law

A law degree can lead to a wide range of career options, as Lindsey has found out.

Meet Lindsey Peebles

Zahirul Bhuiyan

Zahirul BhuiyanBA (Hons) Business Management

from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Meet Zahirul Bhuiyan

Mark Harrison

Mark HarrisonBA (Hons) History

Mark is studying part-time while working full time as a joiner.

'I find the course interesting and challenging as I don’t come from an academic background.'

Meet Mark Harrison

Natalie Simmons

Natalie SimmonsBA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Natalie has added work experience and competition wins to her CV to add to her employability.

We have a series of projects through all three years, working in groups.

Meet Natalie Simmons