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Mark Oxley

Mark OxleyBA (Hons) TV and Film Production

Mark’s degree led to a satisfying job, and now he is offering placement opportunities to current students.

I tried to create a diverse skillset for myself, learning how to operate a camera, how to edit, and how to produce content.

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Robert Hide

Robert HideBA (Hons) International Management

Robert’s placement year is an excellent addition to his CV.

I found that my placement helped me in ways I had not guessed.

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Francis Jones

Francis JonesBSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise (Coaching Science)

‘I am now a PE teacher and still boxing – Teesside has all the facilities you need.’

Sarah and Sue Phoenix

Sarah and Sue Phoenix

Sarah and Sue PhoenixBSc (Hons) Sociology & MA Creative Writing

Sarah Phoenix and her mother Sue both graduated at Middlesbrough Town Hall on the same day.

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Laura Farrugia

Laura FarrugiaBSc (Hons) Psychology

Studying, researching, volunteering – to succeed in psychology, Laura knows she really has to put her mind to it.

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Patrick Berry

Patrick BerryBA (Hons) TV Production Professional Practice and MA Creative Writing

Patrick has set up a successful business using the skill he learned at Teesside.

'The best part was having real-life professionals taking the classes. To have somebody who knows how the industry works and can offer up experience and tips was so valuable.'

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