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Phil Shoebottom

Phil Shoebottom

Phil ShoebottomBA (Hons) Creative Visualisation

‘I wouldn’t be where I am today without doing the course here at Teesside.’

Sean Cooke

Sean CookeBSc (Hons) Criminology

Second-year student Sean has always been interested in why crimes are committed.

‘We can look at someone and judge, but we need to know the reasons behind what they did – what drove them to do it.’

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Samantha Waistle

Samantha WaistleBA (Hons) Web and Multimedia Design, 2013

Sam was recruited for her job before she had even finished her course.

The whole atmosphere created by the students and staff just had the right balance of work and play, it was brilliant.

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Michelle Blackett

Michelle Blackett

Michelle BackettBA (Hons) Product Design

Product designer, Nifco UK

'I’m passionate about product design. I chose Teesside University because I was extremely impressed with the lecturers and the facilities available to students. I visited three times to make sure it was the right decision, and each time it was better than I’d imagined.'

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Kiran Shukle

Kiran ShukleBA (Hons) Media Studies

Kiran is lead digital content producer at Time Out Digital

‘I like to think my work provides inspiration and information, and enables others to experience the best things by giving them the opportunity to plan.’

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Stacie Hughes

Stacie HughesBSc (Hons) Food Nutrition and Health Science

Stacie had experience within the food industry and wanted to build on the food course she had done at college.

'The New Product Development module set me up for the practical and the theoretical aspects of my career, and the tutors’ industry experience showed me what would be required of me in my job.'

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