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Andrew Bell

Andrew BellBA (Hons) Industrial Design

Andrew is putting his design degree – and his passion for golf – to good use.

'I enjoyed the hands-on model-making side of the course. This tied in nicely with the rapid prototyping facility on campus.'

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Sarah Harney-Levine

Sarah Harney-LevineBSc (Hons) Psychology

Sarah Harney-Levine BSc (Hons) Psychology talks about the high points of her time at Teesside.

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Neil Marley

Neil MarleyBSc (Hons) Sociology

‘I have no hesitation in recommending Teesside to anyone interested in the most crucial issues of our time.’

Vanessa Brown

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

‘My course provided exemption from first year exams for my professional qualification – very important.’

Sarah McCormick

Sarah McCormickBA (Hons) Marketing and Public Relations, class of 2009

Public relations and events manager, Visualsoft eCommerce

'My time at Teesside University definitely prepared me for the world of full-time work.'

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India Barnardo

India BarnardoBA (Hons) Digital Character Animation

India is an animator at Framestore, London

‘I recommend Teesside University and the course because of the warmth of the people, the superb facilities and because it hosts Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games.’

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