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Allan Boughey

Allan BougheyBA (Hons) Work-Based Studies (Humanities)

Allan Boughey has combined studying with having a young family and working part-time.

Meet Allan Boughey

Sophie Spence

Sophie  SpenceBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science) and MSc Sport Psychology

Sophie is a sports tutor at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

It’s great being able to teach dedicated students who are passionate about sport.

Meet Sophie Spence

Ben Tucker

Ben TuckerBSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry*

Ben’s employers, Huntsman Pigments, supported him through his studies.

'It was a pleasure to be taught by staff who obviously have a genuine passion for the subject.'

Meet Ben Tucker

Owain Jenkins

Owain JenkinsBA (Hons) Sport Management

Owain Jenkins has used studying to indulge his passion for Rugby.

Meet Owain Jenkins

Michael Pollard

Michael PollardBA (Hons) Industrial Design

Michael works as a graphic editor and designer for Formula One (F1) Management in Kent.

'It’s just my dream job.'

Meet Michael Pollard

Jilly Greenwood

Jilly GreenwoodBA (Hons) Fine Art

A Teesside fine art degree gives you a chance to try many forms of hand-on artistic creativity, as Jilly is finding out.

'The tutors are brilliant – they help you, bring you along, suggest techniques and books to read and artists to check out, and they encourage you to explore and experiment.'

Meet Jilly Greenwood