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Nicky Teasdale

Nicky TeasdaleBEng Tech (Hons) Renewable Energy Engineering

Nicky’s part-time study has enabled him to start a challenging and satisfying career.

'Don't envy your friend who has a good career, be the friend who is envied for having a good career.'

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Sarah Isley

Sarah IsleyBA (Hons) English Studies

Sarah Isley said she could not imagine studying anywhere else other than Teesside.

'I felt so welcome and well supported.'

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Debbie Bradley

Debbie BradleyBSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science

‘The crime house is fantastic with rooms where crimes are re-created. It’s so life-like.’

Karen Newton

Karen NewtonBSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Child)

Karen’s experience as the mother of a sick child inspired her to become a children’s nurse.

We learn how to help children – and their families – cope with illness and hospitalisation, as well as how to treat them.

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Louise Rowe

Louise RoweBA (Hons) Graphic Design

Louise’s successful freelance career followed directly from her final year project.

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Liam Bettinson

Liam BettinsonBA (Hons) Industrial Design

Project office manager, ENEX Group

'I would certainly recommend Teesside – it won Times Higher Education’s University of the Year 2009.'

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