Student views

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Kathryn Osbourne

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

‘The course was fantastic – the tutors were always willing to do that bit extra to help you learn and progress.’

Robert Hide

Robert HideBA (Hons) International Management

Robert’s placement year is an excellent addition to his CV.

I found that my placement helped me in ways I had not guessed.

Meet Robert Hide

Mark Johnston

Mark JohnstonBA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

‘The staff are great, not just teachers – mates too.’

Joy Stockburn

Joy StockburnCertHE Dental Nurse Practice

A year of intensive study led Joy to a rewarding and secure job.

I did two placements in dental practices, and one in a local dental hospital where they carry out dental surgery.

Meet Joy Stockburn

David Cane

David CraneBA (Hons) History

A passion for history led David to a Teesside degree and a successful and satisfying career.

'The history degree at Teesside was one where we questioned our own judgements and the views of those around us.'

Meet David Cane

Olivier Blanc

Olivier BlancBA (Hons) Industrial Design

Olivier came to Teesside to broaden his skills and get international experience.

'When I came for my interview, I really enjoyed their approach and culture. I felt I would learn a lot.'

Meet Olivier Blanc