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Charmaine Bale

Charmaine BaleGraduated with honours in applied science and forensics, class of 2002

Charmaine is a crime scene investigator for Gwent Police

‘I lift fingerprints, photograph and examine for trace evidence.’

Meet Charmaine Bale

Monica McGowan

Monica McGowanBA (Hons) Social Work

Monica has a well-developed caring side, and was inspired by working alongside social workers.

Social work is about empowering people to help themselves.

Meet Monica McGowan

Kayleigh Grantini

Kayleigh GrantiniBSc (Hons) Midwifery

Kayleigh is passionate about her calling, and has ambitious aspirations for her career in Midwifery.

Lecturers encourage us to be confident individuals and speak up for ourselves.

Meet Kayleigh Grantini

Xin Zhao from China

Xin ZhaoBA (Hons) Computer Animation Character Animation

Meet Xin Zhao from China

Mark Spencer

Mark SpencerBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science (Applied Coaching)

Academy coach, Newcastle College and Middlesbrough Football Club

'It was my dream to work in football and I love it.'

Meet Mark Spencer

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, FdA Leadership and ManagementFdA Leadership and Management

Paul Johnson is the general manager of Western Saab in Newcastle.

Meet Paul Johnson