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Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin HarrisonMEng Mechanical Engineering

Ben’s course has included a one-year industrial placement.

I enjoy the pace of the course and variety of modules to study.

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Stephen Uppal

Stephen Uppal

Stephen UppalBA (Hons) English Studies

Stephen is best known to over five million viewers as Ravi Roy in teen soap Hollyoaks.

'If you love English Teesside University is a great place to study. My tutors were brilliant and passionate about the subject.'

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Danny Douglass

Danny DouglassBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science)

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science)

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Adam Price

Adam  PriceBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Applied Sport Science)

Adam was half way through his studies when he realised he wanted to teach what he was learning to others.

I put both my skills to good use.

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Gemma Darley

Gemma Darley

Gemma DarleyBSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Gemma was inspired to study Physiotherapy when she saw how the profession helped her champion jockey father to recover after races.

Kayleigh Grantini

Kayleigh GrantiniBSc (Hons) Midwifery

Kayleigh is passionate about her calling, and has ambitious aspirations for her career in Midwifery.

Lecturers encourage us to be confident individuals and speak up for ourselves.

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