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Richard Norton

Richard NortonIndustrial Design Engineering, 1989

Since leaving Teesside, Richard has worked all over the world identifying product development opportunities.

'If you apply yourself, sometimes working 24/7 in multiple time zones, it is rewarding.'

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Olivier Blanc

Olivier BlancBA (Hons) Industrial Design

Olivier came from France to Teesside to broaden his skills and get international experience.

'When I came for my interview, I really enjoyed their approach and culture. I felt I would learn a lot.'

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Sarah Isley

Sarah IsleyBA (Hons) English Studies

Sarah Isley said she could not imagine studying anywhere else other than Teesside.

'I felt so welcome and well supported.'

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Helen Thistlethwaite

Helen ThistlethwaiteBA (Hons) Tourism Management

‘Teesside was one of the few universities offering this degree and I knew the core business modules would be useful for any career path.’

Tom Burton

Tom BurtonBA (Hons) Media Studies

Tom came to Teesside on clearing, and is now thinking of PhD research.

As well as learning a lot of hands-on production skills, media studies looks at commonplace or popular culture in a rigorous academic way.

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Edgar Tamarit Lloret

Edgar  Tamarit LloretBSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

Edgar came from Spain to study here.

I would recommend Teesside to other international students because here you can find other international students and that can help you achieve more things and you can learn about different cultures.