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Human Resources

The Teesside Advantage/Benefits of working here

There are many benefits to working for Teesside University.
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Pay - What you earn

The University provides a range of benefits associated with pay. These are as follows:

  • Salaries: The salary scales for University staff are within the national spine point. Professorial salaries are paid from a separate scale. The University has adopted the Voluntary Living Wage and ensures its pay scale reflects this approach.
  • Enhancements: Staff who work overtime, shift patterns or at the weekend may be subject to enhancements, described in the HR Document on overtime, shift pay and premium pay.
  • Sick Pay Scheme: If you are ill from work the University operates a Sick Pay Scheme which entitles you to sick pay, subject to certain provisions.
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption: If you are having a baby or adopting a child then the University supports you through the Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy.
  • Additional Duties: There may be times when you are called to do additional duties and in certain circumstances these may attract additional pay.

Savings - Opportunities

The University recognises that staff may need additional support financially and it provides the following initiatives to assist:

  • Catering Outlets: The University has a number of catering outlets which staff can use and also provides a cashless account through the TUSC card for staff
  • Cashless Account: To get exclusive offers and incentives in cafes and coffee shops across campus, sign up to cashless catering. You can use your TUSC card to grab lunch, buy a coffee, pay for printing and binding even if you haven't got any cash on you.
  • Tax Free Childcare: Eligible families will get 20% of their annual childcare costs paid for by the Government. The scheme is open to single parents/couples who work eight or more hours a week, including self-employed, and who pay for Ofsted registered childcare for a child under the age of 12, or under 17 if the child is disabled. Full information is on the HM Government Childcare Choices web page. .
  • Amazon Locker: An Amazon Locker 'Sapphire' is located in the underpass to the car park of the Clarendon Building, near to the back of the Waterhouse Building.
  • Relocation Scheme: When you are newly appointed to the University you may be eligible for the Relocation Scheme and can obtain a reduced price for storing belongings at Big Yellow and Armadillo Self Storage.
  • Cash Machines: There are a number of cash machines available on Campus for use of staff and students.
  • Every Penny Helps: Every Penny Helps is a partnership between Teesside University and Charitable Giving, a national charity specialising in payroll giving. It is a staff-led programme with a calendar of activities designed with and for members. Each year, members vote on the causes to benefit from their donations.
  • Disposal of IT Equipment: ITDSs provide a service which enables the safe and secure disposal of personal IT equipment. Please visit Room MG.01 in the Middlesbrough Tower. For further information please contact
  • Credit Unions: Independent financial co-operatives are available in the area that offer local people savings and affordable loans. Your Community Bank (Tees Credit Union) is local to Middlesbrough and can offer a range of services.

Holiday and Leave - The time off available

You will have access whilst at the University to a number of benefits associated with holiday and leave. These are as follows:

  • Annual Leave: You are entitled to annual leave as part of your employment and, depending on your contract, you have a certain maximum amount you can use during the leave year.
  • Bank Holidays:The University recognises a number of Bank Holidays throughout the year, the details of which are available in the HR Document on Bank Holidays.
  • Christmas Closure: The University closes over the Christmas and New Year, details of which are published annually, and gives staff up to four extra days, over and above annual leave for this purpose.
  • Family Leave: Leave is available to look after a child or to make arrangements for the good of the child enabling employees to combine work and family life, the details of which are available in the HR Document on Family Leave
  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave: If you are having a baby or adopting a child then the University supports you through the Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy.
  • Special Leave: There are a range of circumstances where there may be leave available, in addition to annual leave and leave specified in the policies above.
  • Severe Weather Guidelines: The University has guidelines for when the weather has become so severe it could impact on the working environment.
  • View the Holidays and Bank Holidays summary

Flexibility - Different working arrangements

Work Life balance is recognised by the University through a selection of approaches which may support you in respect to flexibility concerning work. These are as follows:

  • Flexitime: The University operates a flexitime scheme for Staff on Administrative, Technical and Apprenticeship contracts up to, and including Grade 7. The scheme details are available in the HR Document on the subject.
  • Flexible Working: The University offers a flexible and supportive approach to working arrangements through the Flexible Working Policy.
  • Job Share: The University supports a job sharing approach to employment, the details of which are in the Job Share Policy.
  • Sabbaticals: There may be limited opportunities for staff to have sabbaticals depending on the operational need of the School/Department. Please speak to your School or Department in the first instance. Advice is available from HR.
  • Secondments: The University supports the use of secondments for existing staff as a means of career development. There may also be opportunity for secondments outside the University. Please speak to your School or Department in the first instance. Advice is available from HR.
  • Fixed Term Contracts: If you are employed on a Fixed Term Contract there are a number of principles in the Fixed Term Contracts Policy that support you.
  • Information Technology Support: ITaCS provide guides and software to enable you to work in a variety of different ways at the University and external to the University.

Personal Development and Recognition - Professional and Educational Support

The University aims to support its staff through the provision of a variety of support associated with personal development and recognition. These are as follows:

  • Staff Development: Teesside University believes that its staff are its most important and valuable resource and seeks to create an environment which attracts, develops, motivates and rewards all staff through initial and continuing professional and personal development opportunities which are accessible throughout their careers at the university.
  • Professional and Personal Development: The University's Learning and Development team offers a range of personal and professional provision and support, including a leadership and management development framework, continuing professional development, coaching and mentoring.
  • Personal Development Review: You will be subject to an annual Personal Development Review (PDR) whilst at the University which aims to support your training and development needs as part of the review of your work objectives.
  • Equality and Diversity: Support is available to all staff in order to encourage and embrace diversity, equality of access, esteem and opportunity and actively oppose and eradicate prejudice. Further information is available on the Equality and Diversity web page.
  • Library: The Library is open to staff and you can access library services through your TUSC card.
  • Fee Waivers: Staff may be eligible for a fee waiver for certain undergraduate and postgraduate courses. For further information please contact student finance.
  • Academic Achievement and Outstanding Contribution Awards: Teesside University annually recognises staff through a set of awards, presented by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Achievement and Outstanding Contribution.
  • Long Service Awards: If you have served for 25 years or 40 years the University presents awards for long service.
  • Volunteering: There are a number of opportunities for staff to volunteer at the University. Further details are on the Volun-tees web page.

The Future - Planning Ahead

The University recognises that staff may wish to plan their future depending on the stage of their career. Some guidance and support is available as follows:

  • Careers: Staff wishing to further their career may access training and support through the Transformation and Organisational Development Team as well as through the Staff Development Database (accessible via 'My University').
  • Pensions Advice: The Prudential offers pensions advice for both the Local Government Pension Scheme and Teachers' Pensions Scheme.

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