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Human Resources

Equality and diversity

Teesside University is committed to equality of opportunity in a diverse learning and working environment.
We aim to be a caring, fair and supportive institution which seeks to optimise and enhance the experience if its staff, students, partners and external clients.

Our values

We believe individuals should be able to achieve their full potential. Within the University this means providing an inclusive environment, raising awareness of difference, removing identified barriers to achievement and providing development opportunities to all.

Our Equality Objectives set out how we aim to achieve this.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is reflected in our values of:

  • embracing diversity and actively opposing and eradicating prejudice
  • empowering individuals and teams to enhance their contribution to the future aims and strategic direction of the University
  • communicating openly honestly and respectfully at all times.
  • Taking responsibility and demonstrating leadership.
In accordance with our mission we will contribute to the economic, social and cultural success of our staff, students and the communities we serve.

If you are a student you should check the Support and advice pages for more information.


Equality and Diversity Adviser
01642 738459