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Machine Intelligence

The Machine Intelligence group conducts cutting-edge research in the areas of artificial intelligence, web science, machine learning, computational biology, digital computer games and computer networks.

Much of the group’s research provides intelligent techniques to design systems that: 1) support decision making of human/machine operators interacting with others under uncertainty; 2) analyze large scale of data to provide online prediction and personal recommendations; 3) mine text for knowledge through information extraction and other natural language processing; 4) develop mathematical models to predict and interpret biological and biomedical functionalities and 5) apply machine learning to wireless network and security problems. The group focuses on real-world applications in computer games, robot navigation, social media, biomedical informatics and networks. Recently the group extends its research antenna into big data research and application and the focus is on the use of artificial intelligence based technologies to support actional data mining, data visualization, user modeling and so on.

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