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Event title Start date
Launchpad Fuel 2017
Victoria Road
07 August 2017
Breaking taboo: coping with death and bereavement - Cancelled
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
26 September 2017
Business Exchange with Adam Grennan, Cisco UK & Ireland 28 September 2017
Rattle Snake 03 October 2017
Insecurity and Fear of Crime in the Context of Super-Diversity at a Local Level
18 October 2017
Tackling children's mental health
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
24 October 2017
English Catholic Pasts in Perceval Landon’s Thurnley Abbey: A Critical/Creative Exercise
01 November 2017
Teesside University Careers Fair 03 November 2017
Teesside Symphony Orchestra concert 25 November 2017
Carol Service
12 December 2017
Psychosocial adjustment to chronic conditions; how do we help people get better at looking after themselves?
13 December 2017
Playing the breeches part: Rewriting transgender lives in biographical and fictional accounts of the life of James Miranda Barry
10 January 2018
Women Judges in Contemporary China: Gender, Judging and Living (Palgrave, 2017)
24 January 2018
Business Exchange with Linda Moir 13 February 2018
Sports Medicine Research - Are we moving forward?
14 February 2018
Ex-combatants, Gender and Peace in Northern Ireland: Women, Political Protest and the Prison Experience
28 February 2018
Exploring the Motion Advantage in Face Recognition
30 April 2018

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