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Event title Start date
Survivors of domestic violence: the barriers men face
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
28 June 2016
Leadership Forge: Festival of Leadership – ‘Going for Gold’ - Sally Gunnell, OBE 12 July 2016
Postgraduate open day 13 July 2016
Northern Pride 16 July 2016
Town Moor, Newcastle
16 July 2016
The Marvel revolution: from comics to global movie domination
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
26 July 2016
Climate change: just a load of hot air?
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
30 August 2016
Postgraduate open day 07 September 2016
Call for Papers - Mock the Weak: Comedy and the Politics of Representation
ARC Stockton
14 September 2016
Football and the pub
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
27 September 2016
Faking it: morals, fashion and fakes
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
25 October 2016
Teesside University Careers Fair 04 November 2016
Is pain all in your head?
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
29 November 2016
Militias, past and present
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
13 December 2016

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