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Event title Start date
'Making it' to spam city - Cancelled
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
25 July 2017
Launchpad Fuel 2017
Victoria Road
07 August 2017
Friday night and the gates are low: Sport and popular music
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
29 August 2017
Management Masterclass: workplace culture, does it matter? 06 September 2017
Breaking taboo: coping with death and bereavement
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
26 September 2017
Management Masterclass: the psychology of social media and your business 04 October 2017
Tackling children's mental health
Dickens Inn Coffee Shop
24 October 2017
Teesside University Careers Fair 03 November 2017
Management Masterclass: growing workplace performance 08 November 2017
Management Masterclass: stress@work 06 December 2017

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