Alumni say...

Graduates from Teesside University span the globe

Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Luke Walker

Luke WalkerBSc (Hons) Sports Studies 2002

Luke owns and runs his own fitness studio, using skills he learned at Teesside.

The course was great – and so was the social life.

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Kara Hatton

Kara HattonBA (Hons) Business Management

Kara’s placement led to her successful career.

I would encourage any student to take part in a placement.

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Ashleigh Bowmaker

Ashleigh  BowmakerBA (Hons) English Studies

Ashleigh has gone on from her degree to train as a primary school teacher.

The course broadened my perspective so much, especially the module thinking about representation – it was interesting, challenging and developed my analytical skills.

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Matthew Grima

Matthew Grima

Matthew GrimaBSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Investigation* and Master of Research in Science

Matthew is working as a conservation scientist for Heritage Malta

'What you learn is not simply out of a text book or an intelligent brain, but also from personal invaluable experience.'

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Achilleas Gatsopoulos

Achileas GatsopoulosBA (Hons) Creative Visualisation, 2002

Achileas came from Greece to study at Teesside, and has never looked back.

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Frank Akanegbu

Frank AkanegbuMSc Computing

Frank is now an external operator at Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company, part of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

'My studies, industry work placements and the University’s career services helped me a lot in my career.'

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