Alumni say...

Graduates from Teesside University span the globe

Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Tom Etherington

Tom EtheringtonBA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism Professional Practice

Multimedia journalism graduate Tom is now a digital marketing executive at Geneva Digital Group

'My time at Teesside University was the best possible preparation for my career. The degree allowed me to gain a wide range of skills and experiences, rivalling any other course on offer.'

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Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj

MA Digital Character Animation

Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj said she loved everything about her MA Digital Character Animation course.

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Felicia Momoh

Felicia MomohMA Human Resource Management, 2011

Felicia came to Teesside on the recommendation of her brother, and was glad she did.

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Michelle Blackett

Michelle Blackett

Michelle BackettBA (Hons) Product Design

Product designer, Nifco UK

'I’m passionate about product design. I chose Teesside University because I was extremely impressed with the lecturers and the facilities available to students. I visited three times to make sure it was the right decision, and each time it was better than I’d imagined.'

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Judith Hurst

Judith HurstMA Human Resources Management

Judith studied part-time while doing a demanding full-time job.

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Trevor Langford

Trevor Langford

Trevor LangfordBSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, MSc Sport and Exercise

Sport therapist, Platinum Physiotherapy & Personal Training

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