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Graduates from Teesside University span the globe

Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Anna Chatzikou

Anna ChatzikouBA (Hons) Business Management

Anna is putting the skills she gained through her degree and volunteering into practice in her current job.

I enjoyed the knowledge, skills and experience I gained, but also the friends I made. A very important factor was working on multiple live projects, which built and expanded my support network.

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Ben Roberts

Ben  RobertsHistory, PhD

Ben always had a love of history so the chance to study it in-depth was an easy one.

The qualifications I’ve gained at Teesside are really essential for me – I want to be an academic historian and history lecturer.

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Gabriella Mursch

Gabriella  MurschBA (Hons) Computer Animation and MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Gabriella has stayed on at Teesside University to complete an MA.

'This is one of the best places to study Animation and Visual Effects.'

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Craig Fell

Craig FellBA (Hons) Graphic Design

Craig’s time at Teesside University prepared him for the career he loves. He now runs an award-winning business and reflects with happiness on his time as a student.

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Adam Richardson

Adam RichardsonBA (Hons) English Studies

Adam came to Teesside University as a mature student - the graduate intern programme led to a permanent job using his new skills.

'My studies have proved a great asset in preparing me for my current career.'

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Ben Russi

Ben RussiBA (Hons) Product Design*

Ben completed his degree here and he's now working for Dyson.

'The degree at Teesside helped to give me the confidence to apply and push for a role with such an innovative company.'

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