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Enterprise & Knowledge Exchange

The University's enterprise and knowledge exchange (EKE) work is vast and cross-cutting, covering a range of activities linked to the University's external facing business engagement and community interaction.

Middlehaven, Temenos, Transporter Bridge

Our enterprise and knowledge exchange portfolio covers a wide range of activities, engaging our students and staff to have a positive impact on the world:

Diagram showing links between Enterprise > Industry led research, consultancy & knowledge transfer > Student futures > Community interaction > Commercial activity > Workforce development

  • Enterprise: we support businesses to start-up, scale-up and succeed
  • Industry led research, consultancy & knowledge transfer: we work with industry to co-create innovative solutions through our research offer
  • Student futures: we enhance the employability of our graduates through employer engagement, live projects and placements
  • Community interaction: we embrace our anchor role to drive positive change in the community
  • Commercial activity: we maximise the impact and value of our commercial outputs and products
  • Workforce development: we work with industry to enhance employee skills through our programme of continuing professional development and professional apprenticeships.

Teesside University fosters a holistic approach to business and civic engagement; enterprise, and skills development, generating positive outcomes for our students, partners and stakeholders.

We embrace the challenges ahead, and through collaboration with key stakeholders regionally and beyond, we will leverage our position as an anchor institution, a driver of innovation and skills, and a global operator to maximise the impact that Teesside University can have.

Our ambition: 'To be an enterprising university, working in partnership to have a transformational impact on people, our region, and the wider world' will be delivered through delivery of the following strategic objectives:

  • create an entrepreneurial culture, developing the skills, behaviours, and confidence to fuel enterprise
  • develop and nurture sustainable strategic relationships, providing benefits to partners, students, alumni, and staff
  • drive regeneration, working with businesses and organisations to co-create solutions to challenges, drawing on the knowledge, expertise, and talents of our people
  • deliver the high-level knowledge and skills essential for a talented, diverse, and future-facing workforce for our region and beyond
  • create connections between the University and the communities it serves, through meaningful interaction, collaboration, and inclusion.

Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange Strategic Plan 2022-27

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