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Kate Bancroft

BA (Hons) Leadership and Management

Kate’s studies allowed her to develop her skills and progress in her career.

The course was very well tailored to students working full time.

Kate Bancroft

What brought you to Teesside University?

I worked full time so the flexible part-time study options offered by Teesside University really appealed to me.

What was your course like?

The course was very well tailored to students working full time. I really enjoyed the elements of my degree which I could relate to my full time work at Nissan – modules on project management and managing change were particularly beneficial.

There was also a great variety of students on my course and it was great to network with my peers and learn about their roles and how they related to my own.

What was your favourite module?

My favourite module was my dissertation. I chose to write about globally sourced components in the manufacturing industry. It was a topic which I could directly relate to my role at Nissan. This really helped me to further my knowledge of the business and ultimately, it helped me to further my career in the company.

Did you work during your studies?

Yes. I worked full time at Nissan throughout my studies.

What are you doing now?

I’m now a controller in production control at Nissan Motor Manufacturing Ltd. Since my degree I’ve been promoted twice within my organisation. My time at Teesside University helped me to get closer to my goals.