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Jan Crawley

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Adult)

Jan graduated with a BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Adult) and is a district nurse

Teesside allowed me to complete my studies and continue with family life.

Jan Crawley

Why Teesside?

I wanted to pursue a career as a health care professional, something I have been interested in since I was young. I am a mother to four children and two grandchildren and Teesside allowed me to complete my studies and continue with family life.

Tell us about your course

I’ve always wanted to work in health care, and I felt adult nursing was most suited to me. My timetable for the course was accommodating especially with my family situation. The practical modules provided me with the necessary skills for my job and the facilities available are extremely helpful.

What do you think of the area and campus?

Middlesbrough offers lots of shops close to the campus and has many landmarks such as the Transporter Bridge and Roseberry Topping. It is also close to the beach.

The campus layout allows students to easily move from each lecture and seminar. The library’s 24/7 opening times allowed me to complete my work at any time.

Have you been on any placements?

I regularly attended a variety of placements which were very interesting and had staff members who made me feel a part of the team.

Do you have advice or recommendations about Teesside?

Attending an open day will help you find the right course for you. Also, make the most of the course, tutors and your peers as they will help enhance your university life.

I would recommend Teesside, they’ve made investments to further enhance the student experience.