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Human Resources

Department safety officers

Department safety officers provide advice and guidance on current health and safety legislation affecting their school or department.

As well as monitoring implementation of health and safety procedures, they assist in accident/incident investigation, safety audits and inspections.

Department safety officers can represent their school or department in meetings regarding health and safety issues and can liaise with the health and safety office in matters affecting the health and safety of their colleagues.

Name School/Department Extension
Judith Robinson Academic Enterprise 4405
Michael Pate Academic Registry 4234
Nick Ingledew Campus Services 2033
Gemma Sawyer Darlington Campus 2096
Angela Faulkner Department for International Development 8748
Judith Harbron Department of Legal & Governance Services 2562
Laura Ahmed Finance and Commercial Services 8238
Steven Westcough/Lynn Smith Human Resources 3213/2213
Mike Gettings ITDS Department 8788
Gavin Jasinek Smith MIMA 6951
Claire Gee Research & Innovation Services 8568
Sarah Clayton Strategic Transformation & Change 8114
Hazel Wright/Jude Smith Student & Library Services 2263/4018
Janice Dodsworth Student Recruitment and Marketing 4256
Gary Quinn/Martin Quennell School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies 4303/2516
Peter Kirkham School of Health & Life Sciences 4190
Linda Chambers School of Health & Life Sciences 2503
School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law
Richard Atkinson Teesside University Business School 2842
Jon Berg Students' Union 2238
Mellissa Baxter Vice Chancellors Office 2151