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Human Resources

Fire safety

  • leave by the nearest exit, following the green Fire Exit signs
  • do not stop to collect personal belongings
  • sound the fire alarm on route (if not already activated)
  • close all doors on the way
  • call the fire brigade on 999
  • call the security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200
  • move away from the building towards a Fire Assembly Point as identified by the signage
  • do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so
  • do not attempt to fight the fire unless your escape is blocked
  • never use a lift in a fire evacuation.

If you have a mobility problem, you should try to leave the building. If you cannot leave the building you should get to a protected enclosure, such as a stairwell or linked building. You will be safe for at least 30 minutes. You should tell someone that you are remaining behind and that the Fire Brigade, security or health and safety office must be told.

Campus fire assembley points
Weekly fire alarm test times
Fire emergency evacuation during examinations procedure
Residential Accommodation Assembly Points
Teaching and Office Accommodation Assembly Points


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