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Animation (with Foundation Year) BA (Hons)

If you aspire to embark on a dynamic and creative career in animation for film, TV, or games, then our course is the perfect choice for you.


I157 BA/AnimFY

Course routes:


Clearing 2024

Apply now for 2024 entry. Call us on 01642 738400

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2023 logo awarded as Overall, Student Experience and Student Outcomes gold rating

Course overview

Work placement

Animation student showreel

BA (Hons) Animation student work showreel

You develop the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving realm of animation.

Throughout your journey, you collaborate closely with students from the games courses to craft fully functional and immersive games. Alternatively, you can join forces with visual effects and motion graphics students to craft thrilling and visually captivating feature film sequences or short films. Working with students from other courses gives you experience working with people from other disciplines, just like you would in industry.

This course includes a foundation year - ideal if you need additional preparation or if you don't have sufficient grades to join Year 1 of a degree.

Top reasons to study animation at Teesside

  • International acclaim: ranked 18th in the world in the Animation Career Review International Animation School Rankings 2023. (Top 50 International Animation Colleges – formal degree. 195 colleges considered). (
  • Industry links: take part in Animex, our annual international animation and games festival featuring experts from Rockstar, Pixar, Disney and Sony.
  • Graduate success: our graduates have worked on many movies and AAA games including Spiderman Far From Home, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Red Dead Redemption II.
  • ScreenSkillsScreenSkills recognition: This course is industry recognised by ScreenSkills, the industry-led skills body for the UK’s screen-based industries, and carries the ScreenSkills Select quality-mark which indicates courses best suited to prepare students for a career in the screen industries.

This course is also offered at our Teesside University London campus. Please note, the structure, content and delivery model is different, visit for full details.

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Course details

Course structure

Foundation year core modules

2D Digital Art

You are introduced to the creative possibilities of image-making using digital tools. Study the fundamental principles of design and composition, and explore a range of image creation techniques. Use appropriate graphics software to improve your technical skills incorporating layers, composition, colour, linework and lighting.

This is a 30-credit module.

Case Studies

Focusing on computer games, animation and film, you gain an introductory level of understanding in the context of your chosen field of study. As well as looking at the historical and context of these, you observe how we interpret these types of media historically and materially. Choose a text within your area of interest, undertaking an analytical review in the form of a case study.

This is a 30-credit module.

Drawing, Creativity and Design

Learn to create imagery using traditional and digital drawing tools. Develop your drawing techniques and creative interpretations of themes including figure drawing, still life, perspective and character, creature and environment design. You are supported to produce images that effectively communicate visual ideas.

This is a 30-credit module.

Foundation Project

You produce an individual project with guidance from your tutor. Gain independent working and project management skills, developing original ideas and concepts in your chosen field. This could be in the form of a piece of concept art, animation or another appropriate form related to creative industries.

This is a 30-credit module.


Year 1 core modules

Animation Principles

The principles of animation are the foundation stone for any animator. Originally created by Disney, they have been used by generations of animators to create convincing animation across movies, TV series, games and commercials.

Fundamentals of 2D animation

Learn the principles of 2D animation, using hand-drawn techniques to create animation exercises.

Fundamentals of 3D animation

Explore the principles of 3D animation using industry standard techniques and software using a range of methods including the layered method and pose to pose.

Animation in context

Delve into the history of animation and motion design, from its earliest beginnings to today’s diverse styles and applications.

This is a 30-credit module.

CG Essentials 

You’re introduced to the 3D asset production, look development pipeline and the creation of production ready 3D assets using industry standard techniques and software.

Asset creation

You learn how to create 3D models, incorporating principles of topology, efficiency, and suitability.

3D texturing

Edit and apply captured, procedural and painted textures to 3D objects, using UV maps and image editing software.

CG lighting

Create attractive lighting for 3D objects and scenes, studying topics such as direct and indirect lighting, light types, shadows and colour temperature.


Study physically based rendering techniques including theory, practice, rendering passes, layers and the rendering pipeline.

This is a 30-credit module.

Technical Animation 

You are introduced to a variety of technical areas of animation and VFX production.

Character and prop rigging

Learn the principles of forward and inverse kinematics, joints and skeletons, skinning and weight painting and applying control rigs.

Motion capture

Use the motion capture studio to learn how to direct actors and capture motion. Learn to clean data, apply it and import it into a real time engine.

Visual effects

Develop skills in simulation and procedural VFX to enhance rigid body dynamics, cloth, hair, fur and creature FX.

This is a 30-credit module.

Visual Development for the Moving Image

When planning and visualising sequences for animation and live action, you need to understand the pre-production process and the tools and techniques you can use.

Cinematography and film language

You are introduced to cinematography and learn about film language, shot composition, camera moves and lighting.

Character and storyboard development

Develop your own visual interpretation of a script or narrative and produce a moving storyboard (animatic).

Digital compositing

You are introduced to a range of compositing techniques for live-action and 3D computer-generated imagery, 2D and stop-motion animation, lighting and digital 2D painted backgrounds.

This is a 30-credit module.


Year 2 core modules

3D and VFX Techniques 

Explore techniques in performance capture and the VFX and compositing pipeline.

Performance capture

Learn how to plan, rehearse, and direct actors on our motion-capture stage for both full body and facial performance capture.

Mocap production pipeline

Follow the performance capture pipeline from motion capture data acquisition through to the production of a finished animation.

Visual effects and compositing pipeline

Explore the VFX and compositing pipeline and gain experience in planning and live action shot acquisition, to the output of the final composited shot.

This is a 30-credit module.

Animated Effects 

This module is delivered in two parts; the first part introduces you to course-specific topics, the second part introduces motion graphics and motion design tools and techniques and enables you to apply them using industry standard software.

Character and creature animation

You study animation workflow and develop skills in animated performance, lip sync, facial animation, and creature animation.

Effects animation

Investigate the creation of both hand keyed and simulated animation. Including particles, rigid body dynamics, fluid effects and pyro and procedural animation.

Motion graphics and motion design

Explore motion design tools and techniques including motion design and layout, animating to music, history of motion graphics and the iterative development of a sequence.

This is a 30-credit module.


You work in a team to produce an animation or visual effects sequence based on an industry style brief. Experience working in a production environment with industry input and feedback, and target specific production skills in your chosen field of study.

This is a 30-credit module.

Professional Research and Development

You get the opportunity to experiment in a specialist area of your choice in animation, games and visual effects. Develop your independent learning skills and take ownership of your chosen direction through the assessment. You also research professional roles related to your specialism, identifying the graduate skills you need and developing an online presence.

This is a 30-credit module.


Optional work placement year

Work placement

You have the option to spend one year in industry learning and developing your skills. We encourage and support you with applying for a placement, job hunting and networking.

You gain experience favoured by graduate recruiters and develop your technical skillset. You also obtain the transferable skills required in any professional environment, including communication, negotiation, teamwork, leadership, organisation, confidence, self-reliance, problem-solving, being able to work under pressure, and commercial awareness.

Many employers view a placement as a year-long interview, therefore placements are increasingly becoming an essential part of an organisation's pre-selection strategy in their graduate recruitment process. Benefits include:

· improved job prospects
· enhanced employment skills and improved career progression opportunities
· a higher starting salary than your full-time counterparts
· a better degree classification
· a richer CV
· a year's salary before completing your degree
· experience of workplace culture
· the opportunity to design and base your final-year project within a working environment.

If you are unable to secure a work placement with an employer, then you simply continue on a course without the work placement.


Final-year core modules

AVFX Project

Work alongside your project supervisor to develop a large-scale piece of individual work relating to your chosen specialism and career aims.

This is a 60-credit module.

Creative Industry Briefs

You choose from a selection of briefs which reflect specialist industry roles, such as realistic creature animation, effects simulation or puppet making. Explore your specialism and develop your professional skills such as pitching ideas, costing and scheduling, working to a tight brief and responding to client changes.

This is a 30-credit module.


and one optional module

Beta Arcade 

Experience working as a member of a games development team, in a setup that is as close to industrial practice as possible. You work in groups to construct a working game demo in a current game engine. You consider standard industry practices that consider multiplayer gaming threats, user safety, cheating and data security.

This is a 30-credit module.


You work in a team to produce a short film or visual effects sequence in a style of your choice. It could be a high-end visual effects sequence, a motion graphics title sequence or a short film. Each member takes on a production role to mimic the industry pipeline. You gain experience of teamwork, and a showpiece for your portfolio.

This is a 30-credit module.


Modules offered may vary.


How you learn

You learn in our dedicated animation studios equipped with industry-standard software, as well as our onsite performance-capture studio, soundstage with motion control, and recording studio.

You spend time in lectures and tutorials – lecturers cover the theory while tutorials focus on developing your practical skills. You are expected to manage your time to complete work outside of tutorials.

Team working is featured throughout the course, preparing you for the formal group assessment in years 2 and 3. External guest speakers, seminars and workshops on current research and emerging topics are also a course feature.

How you are assessed

We believe it is essential for you to learn through the experience of doing. Assessment for all modules is through practical projects, which you work on throughout the year. In Year 2, the Journeyman and Kino modules provide you with essential teamwork skills ready for industry. The project in the final year allows you the freedom to set your own project based on your skills, interests and career aspirations.

Our Disability Services team provide an inclusive and empowering learning environment and have specialist staff to support disabled students access any additional tailored resources needed. If you have a specific learning difficulty, mental health condition, autism, sensory impairment, chronic health condition or any other disability please contact a Disability Services as early as possible.
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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Call us on 01642 738400 about our entry requirements

For general information please see our overview of entry requirements

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You can gain considerable knowledge from work, volunteering and life. Under recognition of prior learning (RPL) you may be awarded credit for this which can be credited towards the course you want to study.
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Career opportunities

Our graduates are working in major studios around the world including Rockstar Games, The Imaginarium Studios and Industrial Light & Magic. They have worked on feature films including Spiderman Far From Home, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jurassic World 3, and on AAA games including Red Dead Redemption II, Spiderman: Hidden Agenda and Horizon Zero Dawn.

You are encouraged to think about your future career from the outset. We have a number of events that develop your employability: our ExpoSeries is integral to your course and is an opportunity for you to interact with employers through ExpoTential at the end of the first year, ExpoTalent at the end of the second year and ExpoTees at the end of the third year. Each event is open to the public and has invited industry guests, ensuring that you have the opportunity to showcase your work to peers, the public and potential future placements or employers at regular intervals throughout each level of your studies.


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Other course routes

Work placement

Study this course with an optional work placement year, at no extra cost. Alongside this, you can gain valuable experience and engagement with the sector through our shorter work placements, internships and work experience opportunities.

Work placements


Entry to 2024/25 academic year

Fee for UK applicants
£9,250 a year

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Fee for international applicants
£17,000 a year

More details about our fees for international applicants

What is included in your tuition fee?

  • Length: 4 years (or 5 with a work placement)
  • UCAS code: I157 BA/AnimFY
  • Start date: September
  • Semester dates
  • Typical offer: Call us on 01642 738400 about our entry requirements

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Apply now

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ExpoTees 2023

Take a look at ExpoTees 2023, showcasing work from our postgraduate and final-year undergraduate students in animation, VFX and games.


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