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Teesside University welcomed thousands of students and their families to campus for a week-long celebration of student success at its annual graduation ceremonies.

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Graduation 2024: Tuesday 9 July to Thursday 18 July

Pre-registration is now open for Graduation 2024 - please let us know if you are planning to attend. Visit your e-Vision account for more information.

Please read the following important information regarding the invitation process.

Stage 1


Late February - March

Stage 2

Ceremony allocation
Students are allocated to actual ceremonies

Late February - March

Stage 3

Ticket booking
Request tickets for yourself and your guests

Mid April - May

Stage 4

Tickets will be confirmed once your award is confirmed

May - July


Who is eligible to graduate during the July 2024 ceremonies?

All students who have been awarded since 30 June 2023 and have not yet attended graduation and all students who are due to be awarded in academic year 2023/24 before 30 June 2024. This includes all students who are awarded a fallback award before the 31 March 2024. Also, those who chose to defer their graduation by formal request in 2023. Graduation is not open to any of our Transnational Education (TNE) students.

Based on the above timescales, if you believe you should have received an email regarding attending a graduation ceremony and you have not, please contact Student Records by logging an enquiry in UNIverse or emailing

I am still waiting for my results? / I haven’t yet been awarded?

If you have not yet received your award or are awaiting results, you will still be asked to pre-register.

Why do I need to pre-register?

We ask all potentially eligible students to pre-register for graduation so we can obtain a more accurate picture of how many people from each course are likely to attend. This enables us to create an accurate schedule of ceremonies. If you don’t pre-register we may not allow enough space in your ceremony, and if you later decide to attend you might not be able to graduate with your cohort.

When does Pre-Registration close?

19 March 2024.

When will I find out the date and time of my ceremony?

When pre-registration closes we will create a ceremony schedule that will include the date and time of your ceremony. Once this is ready you will receive another email asking if you would like to book tickets to your specific ceremony. This will happen in mid April.

If I choose to defer when will the next graduation be held?

The next graduation ceremonies at Middlesbrough campus will be held in July 2025.

I have pre-registered, when do I book guest tickets and make other graduation arrangements?

You don’t need to do anything else at the moment. Wait until you receive an invitation to book tickets for your specific ceremony. During ticket booking you will have the opportunity to request guest tickets and tell us about any specific requirements you may have. Other arrangements such as hiring a gown and photography should wait until your place at graduation has been confirmed. You will receive confirmation of your attendance once your results have been released.

When is my attendance guaranteed?

All students wishing to graduate need to pre-register first. You will then be invited to book tickets once your ceremony date and time has been released. You will receive confirmation of your attendance once your results have been released to you.

Once you have your attendance confirmation you can book your gown, photography and make travel arrangements.

If your results are not due to be released to you until late June then your confirmation email will arrive in early July.

What happens if I have an outstanding debt?

If you have an outstanding academic debt you will NOT be eligible to attend the graduation ceremonies. You will also not be able to receive your award certificate and you will not be included in the awards brochure.

Check your account and make payments

You can pre-register but should ensure you have a payment plan in place which will ensure all of your tuition fees and academic debt is paid ahead of your graduation.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates for all those awarded in the June boards will be available for collection on your graduation day. If your certificate is not collected, it will be posted to your home address (the address on your student record at the point of award). It is important to ensure that your home address is correct on our system. You can edit your address details on e-Vision via Personal Details.

Diploma Supplements can be downloaded from e-Vision once you have received notification of your award. Diploma Supplements are only available to students studying a main award who achieve the intended award. The Diploma Supplement includes your transcript.

Transcripts and certified copies of your certificate are available for purchase from the online shop

I cannot find the answer I’m looking for, I need some more help, what should I do?

Please log an enquiry in UNIverse or email for further help.

Images and videos

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Photography & Academic Robes

Teesside University is proud to work with Ede & Ravenscroft and Marston Events for academic dress and photography in support of the University's annual graduation ceremonies.

Class of 2023 graduates can still request ceremony photographs. To view your photograph, please choose 'July 2023' and 'Teesside University' before selecting your ceremony date and time.

Opportunity to book gowning for summer 2024 ceremonies will open in spring 2024.

Your Graduate Network

Graduation is just the beginning. As a graduate you can continue to benefit from Teesside connections. There are lots of ways you can keep in touch and alumni services you can access.

More about the Graduate Network

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