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Student charter

The Teesside University Student Charter has been developed in partnership between the University and the Students' Union.

It sets out what you can expect from your university and what we expect from you.

Working in partnership helps us to deliver an excellent student and learning experience.

This Charter highlights the professional standards that we, as a University, must meet and also outlines how you, the students, must take responsibility for your own learning.

An overarching principal of the Teesside University Student Charter is that all members of the University community are expected to treat each other with respect, tolerance and understanding, and value the diversity of faith, culture and background across our campus.

Students can expect the University to:

  • provide excellent, challenging and varied learning opportunities that allow you to produce your best work
  • ensure course content is informed by current research and practice
  • provide a modern learning environment, with access to excellent IT resources and facilities to support your learning
  • publish your timetable two weeks in advance of each semester, subject to issues such as confirmation of progression which may delay the availability of timetables for some students
  • identify your Personal Tutor within one week of your enrolment/reenrolment and to provide regular engagement opportunities with your Personal Tutor
  • provide a broad range of support for academic learning, personal and professional development
  • support a vibrant student experience through social, sporting, cultural and community activities in partnership with the Students' Union
  • provide regular communications and a clear route to raise any issues
  • inform you on an annual basis of the date and the manner in which you will be notified of your ratified results, as well as the decision taken by the Assessment Board

Students can expect staff to:

  • ensure your Course Handbook is available on Blackboard Ultra from the start of the academic year
  • inform you at the start of each module of the date and format of unratified feedback
  • to provide constructive, unratified feedback within 20 working days from the first submission date through Blackboard Ultra for first attempt summative work
  • upload learning materials on Blackboard Ultra no later than 48 hours following a taught session
  • offer effective academic support, as well as the wider range of support available throughout the University
  • provide an engaging and inspiring learning experience
  • provide opportunities to apply your learning and explore concepts in depth
  • respond to communications in a timely manner
  • value the student voice and give opportunities for students to be partners in learning
  • provide a clear overview of assessments for your course through the Course Handbook on Blackboard Ultra
  • provide a schedule of assessment, including activities and deadlines, at the start of each academic year
  • provide a clear brief for each assessment that clearly outlines assessment criteria, any size or time limitations, weighting, and arrangements and dates for submission and return.

The University expects students to:

  • be proactive in shaping their university experience and engage fully with learning
  • identify opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding
  • actively engage with the range of opportunities on offer to develop their professional, personal and academic skills
  • act as responsible and respectful members of the University community
  • contribute as partners to the ongoing development of the student experience, sharing their views and ideas with the Students' Union and University

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