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Belonging: Teesside Steel

Welcome to Teesside, a place you'll test your mettle and find your steel. Teesside Steel has bridged the world. It enriches and changes lives.


Tested, tried and strengthened. A year of study has developed new skills that you can take into the world, linking communities and supporting new structures. But before the next challenge, remember to celebrate how far you’ve already come.

What a year! That moment when September seems a distant memory, and we take time to reflect, relax and, most importantly, celebrate all that’s been achieved. This year we have grown, learned, volunteered and progressed. We’ve seen the diversity of our campus and our town and we are preparing for new adventures, whether on campus or onward to share honed Teesside Steel with the world.

Wherever you've come from, no matter how far you've travelled, however far you have yet to go, we’ll share the journey with you and cheer all of your achievements.

Congratulations on a year well lived.

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What's your favourite welcome?

We're thrilled that our students are as enthusiastic about creating a home at Teesside as we are. Our community and the diversity within it is one of our greatest strengths as a university. So whether you say ‘ey up' (and argue about whether you should pronounce it ‘eye' or ‘ay'), or ‘how far?', ‘stick the kettle on' or ‘salam', we want to know how you welcome someone home.

Get involved, share what makes you feel that you belong, your welcomes and your pictures of home with us. You might even see your favourite phrase pop-up in Student Life. We'll be updating this page regularly with your favourite welcomes and teasing out some of the phrases you hear, but may not understand. Over the course of the year we'll be celebrating your favourites, so keep checking back with us, voting for your favourite phrases, sharing your welcomes (and any confusion about phrases you hear).

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Your favourite welcome

Lost in translation

We know that language takes on a life on its own, whether you say ‘nesh', ‘baltic' or ‘hoofing it', sometimes a phrase just doesn't translate outside your local area. Or perhaps you've wondered why people in the North East have ‘dinner' at midday and ‘tea' in the evening (there is a great reason). At Teesside, we love to hear these phrases and to learn what they mean.

So, whether it comes from Whitby, Ibadan, Marrakech or Mumbai, or somewhere else entirely, tell us about your favourite phrase, what it means and whether it translates outside of your home.

Equally, share with us a phrase that is strange to you, someone might just be able to tell you what it means.

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Recipe sharing

We'd love to hear your favourite recipes so we can share them with your fellow students.

Please submit your recipe with as much information as possible including the ingredients, how to make it and how many people it serves. We hope you enjoy giving some of them a try.

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