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Mental health support

Mental health support

Our mental health affects how we think and feel and how we cope with everyday life. Your University experience should be exciting and enjoyable but it's not unusual for students to encounter difficulties with their mental health and various forms of stress during their studies.

Stress can range from personal to educational, and there maybe times where students need a bit of extra support to help manage this.

Many of our students have diagnosed mental health conditions and are still able to study very successfully. Some students may require some additional support to help manage the impact of their condition and we have a specialist team available to help you, if you need it.

All Teesside University students have access to a range of resources to help support and maintain good mental health, whether you have a diagnosis or not. You can discuss the type of support you might benefit from with one of our specialist advisers. If you have a long-term mental health condition, this might include support from Disability Services in the form of an individual Student Support Plan which identifies reasonable adjustments to help support you in your studies.

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