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Mental health support

Mental health support

Our mental health affects how we think and feel and how we cope with everyday life. Your University experience should be exciting and enjoyable but it's not unusual for students to encounter difficulties with their mental health and various forms of stress during their studies.

Stress can range from personal to educational, and while most students are generally able to cope well, for some, these experiences may become overwhelming and students might need some additional support to help manage this.

Many of our students have diagnosed mental health conditions and are still able to study successfully. Some students may require some additional support to help manage the impact of their condition and we have a specialist team available to help you, if you need it.

All Teesside University students have access to a range of resources to help support and maintain good mental health, whether you have a diagnosis or not. You can discuss the type of support you might benefit from with one of our specialist advisers. If you have a long-term mental health condition, this might include support from Disability Services in the form of an individual Student Support Plan which identifies reasonable adjustments to help support you in your studies.

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Mental health and wellbeing courses with MIND

Middlesbrough and Stockton MIND are delivering courses for Teesside University students in semester two; any student can sign up.

The courses might be helpful if you are experiencing difficulties with mental health and wellbeing, are supporting someone experiencing difficulties with mental health, or if you would generally like to learn more about managing mental health and wellbeing.

There are three courses on offer and you can find more information about each by clicking on the booking link:

Wellbeing Essentials for Students

  • Wednesday 24 February, 1.30pm – book now
  • Wednesday 24 March, 1.30pm – book now

Tool & Techniques for Student Mental Health (four week course)

Look After Your Mental Health at Work

  • Wednesday 3 February, 1.30pm – book now

University Mental Health Day

The Open Forum is designed for students to engage with staff and other students in providing a space to explore and discuss issues that students have experienced in lockdown. It is an opportunity to talk about lifestyle, mental and physical health, anxiety, time management, sleep difficulties and find out more about the resources and opportunities at the University. You can log in with this link, with or without your mic and camera. It will be an informal space to share being in this pandemic together. We will signpost you to mixed media, events, literature, virtual travel and other programmes which we hope will help you ‘Take the Next Step’ to recovering some normality.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a mental health course with Sinéad and Ruth and despite not having mental health concerns myself I wanted to attend the course to gain valuable experience and knowledge that I could then share with family and friends who have or continue to struggle with mental health.

The courses are really easily to attend and are always enjoyable and I looked forward to my Monday afternoons. The biggest thing I would take from the course is that mental health is a very common condition and University students often have concerns that they are too afraid or two busy to seek help, attending this course give me the tools and strategies so that I can recognise my own triggers and those of people close to me, learning how to recognise your triggers and how to cope with stress is vital for University students so that it doesn't negatively impact on our life and studies.

Don't be afraid to look for opportunities like these courses that take little time but give you a wealth of information.

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