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Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project (TVHIP)

Helping SMEs to develop new networks, products and processes to support a hydrogen economy in the Tees Valley

European Regional development Fund Northerm Powerhouse

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

What is TVHIP?

The Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project (TVHIP) supported local SMEs to accelerate the development of business opportunities within the hydrogen and decarbonisation economies. It helped deliver the ambitious plans for the Tees Valley region in becoming a clean energy powerhouse for the UK. TVHIP's work in supporting the development of a hydrogen economy helped create thousands of jobs for the region and attracted further investment into the area.

TVHIP was financially supported through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the project offered a minimum of 12 hours of fully-funded support to eligible SMEs. Our dedicated team worked closely with organisations to understand business requirements and supported businesses to reach its potential in the hydrogen economy. SMEs had the opportunity to be a part of a cross-industry collaborative hydrogen network for knowledge and technical exchange. The TVHIP project reached its completion on the 28 June 2023.


Facilities & tour

Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project facility tour

Virtual tour of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project's [TVHIP] Middlesbrough campus facility. This project is an ERDF Funded project delivered by Teesside University.

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Meet the team

Simon Bradshaw

Simon Bradshaw

Project Manager

Simon is responsible for leading the Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project (TVHIP) working with SMEs to put in place a support plan to help them to develop new products, processes or services for the hydrogen economy. He has experience of working on industrial R&D projects.

Ruben Pinedo Cuenca

Dr Ruben Pinedo-Cuenca

Business innovation Manager

Ruben's role is to help organisations to accelerate innovation and the development of decarbonisation, clean energy and digitalisation technologies. Through leveraging public funding and mechanisms available at Teesside University, Ruben helps organisation achieve their business objectives. Ruben supports the development of strategic partnerships with industry and facilitates access to specialised networks.

Venkatesan Krishnan

Dr Venkatesan Venkata Krishnan

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Venkat has spent over 25 years in R&D, working across the world in academia, industry and in industrial laboratories.

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His expertise lies in heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry; he's therefore involved in research and technology development addressing a variety issues, in the domain of: High and Low Temperature Electrolysis and Fuel Cells, CO2 utilization chemistries, Process intensification and usage of green hydrogen for industrial decarbonization. Venkat works across a range of projects including BEIS' recent Hydrogen Reduction of Iron Ore.

Dipal Patel

Dr Dipal Patel

Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dipal has both academic and industrial experience. His research interests are in the areas of numerical and experimental combustion for propulsion and power generation. In particular localised ignition, IC engines, gas turbines, burners, combustion of alternative fuels, pollutant formation, and mitigation.

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Dipal has established a new research facility focusing on net-zero emission from combustion using ammonia and hydrogen. Dipal is a chartered engineer and a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Paul Russell

Dr Paul Russell

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Paul graduated from Aston University with a PhD in 1998, has worked in both academia as an experimentalist ,and in industry in process safety. He has taken the academic lead on the design, construction and commissioning of the University technology demonstrators and for the process safety aspects of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project.

Faizan Ahmad

Dr Faizan Ahmad

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Faizan's research centres around the gas separation technologies that include hydrogen purification and carbon capture processes. Faizan has extensive experience of working on research projects related to process modelling and simulation. He has particular interest in the development of hybrid separation systems with a focus on membrane processes.

Humbul Suleman

Dr Humbul Suleman

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Humbul supports industry and business to achieve their decarbonisation goals by developing cutting-edge research solutions in the field of carbon capture and CO2 mineralisation. Besides his experimental work, he supports the commercial sector in optimising their processes via process modelling and simulation.

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Being passionate about the net zero agenda, Humbul has presented at national and international conferences, given invited talks and written articles about carbon capture and decarbonisation. He is an expert in carbon emissions auditing and has supported businesses to develop dynamic mitigation plans for rapid decarbonisation.

Siew Yan Goh

Dr Siew Yan Goh

Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing

Siew's research focuses mainly on thermal management and cooling techniques for existing and new developments of electric machinery. This includes improving the efficiency of existing motors by enhancing cooling systems to increase reliability, developing new cooling methods, as well as benchmarking electric machines that could be used in hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

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Siew is also interested in thermal management for battery systems and condition monitoring for machines. She worked for several years on research associated with grinding machines to develop control strategies for in-process roundness monitoring, which is important for the Industry 4.0.

Dr Johnson Ugwu

Dr Johnson Ugwu

Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Engineering

Johnson is a Chartered Energy and a Petroleum Engineer, CEng MEI, Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), and a chemical engineer with a background in geo-energy, safety management, machine learning and general artificial intelligence applications in solving quantitative management and engineering problems.

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He brings together different disciplinary perspectives into solving climate change challenges towards achieving NetZero greenhouse gas emissions. His research focus includes investigation and optimisation of in-situ hydrogen production routes from Oil and Gas reservoirs through modelling and simulation. He is experienced in the application of gas burners in the production of industrial chemicals and can provide technical support to SMEs for pilot plant and chemical process development.

His research has also focused on decarbonisation of the energy industry using carbon capture, storage, and utilisation for production of low carbon synthetic fuels from captured CO2.

Qarib Ullah

Dr Qarib Ullah

Research Associate

Qarib has expertise in catalysis and is currently working on developing catalysts for hydrogen production using SMR Technology. He is also supporting local SMEs across the Tees Valley.

Danial Qadir

Dr Danial Qadir

Research Associate

Danial has expertise in membrane technology for gas and liquid separation applications. Currently he is working on development of novel CO2 separation membrane and providing technical assistance to local SMEs in the separation and purification of gases.

Gill Wallace

Gill Wallace

Project Administrator

Gill is responsible for all aspects of project administration, directly supporting the Project Manager and the Hydrogen (TVHIP) team. She ensures quality and compliance with all ERDF contract paperwork, and use of procurement and data project management systems. Gill supports wider business engagement such as co-ordinating business meetings and events and liaising with external SME's.

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