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A relationship originally formed with Reliance Medical Services (in 2011), then Tascor, now MITIE is ongoing with Teesside University to provide a level 4 module aimed at health professionals who work within the criminal justice system. It provides an insight into the role of the Forensic Medicine Clinician, provides knowledge and understanding of the role specific issues and assists them to act in an ethical manner in complex situations.

The module is delivered via block delivery over 5 days (to meet the needs of the organisation). Various teaching strategies are utilised including giving course pre-reads, lectures, seminars and group work. Topics covered include police practices and hierarchy, Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984), Human rights legislation, personal safety, consent, ethics, record keeping, fitness for detention/interview, mental illness, injuries, Road Traffic Act, forensic examination and sampling, death following police contact, statement writing and court room skills.

The course delivery includes sessions in the Teesside University Courtroom (testimonial provided by MITIE in relation to court room facilities below) and teaching is provided by both MITIE and TU staff.

Dr Alan Grant, Medical Director, Care & Custody

“The court room facility at the Middlesbrough Campus of Teesside University is an exceptionally good asset. It is furnished and fitted out in a realistic manner and the fact that it is audio visual recording enabled is a massive benefit. The layout is very realistic of a small court room with judge’s bench, jury, counsel desks and the witness stand. The layout permits authentic court interactions to take place particularly when the optional extras of cloaks and wigs are added. The students (all healthcare) that we have put through the court room experience have found it invaluable particularly when given the opportunity to review their performance on play back. They have all found it immensely beneficial when encountering the real thing. I would recommend that any organisation where their staff have to attend court on a regular basis avails themselves of the opportunity to utilise the facility. It will certainly make a valuable contribution to enable your staff to maintain their dignity during what can be an extremely traumatic experience for the unprepared”

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