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Independent Safeguarding Authority

Training and development

Teesside University worked with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) – now part of the Disclosure and Barring Service – which was set up in Darlington to help prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults.

ISA case workers are responsible for making decisions about who should be barred from working with children or vulnerable adults because of the harm they have caused or the risk of harm they pose.

Teesside University developed a bespoke training programme for ISA case workers – a four-month course worth 60 credits at degree level. All case workers undertake the programme and go on to achieve a University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development (UCAPD) in Professional Decision Making in Independent Safeguarding Authority Casework.

The course covers a range of complex subjects including the purpose of safeguarding legislation, complementing the ISA’s own in-house training scheme. It has made a significant impact in supporting ISA caseworkers to make sound, thorough and balanced decisions.

The course won Best Practice for the ISA’s People and Development Team at the Tees Valley Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Awards. The award reflects the relationship that has developed between the University and the ISA – it recognises the expertise and dedication of the staff from both organisations.

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