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North Star Housing Group and Teesside University have partnered up for a project that measures the value of giving.

The organisation aims to strengthen their communities through targeted funding and support. Last year North Star helped fund around 35 projects, including working with children and young people, providing training and work opportunities, community-led housing schemes and education projects.

Psychology and Criminology graduate Beth Danby, has been employed on a sKTP (shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnership) as part of a 10-month project to measure the social value of housing association North Star’s Community Investment activity. Pat Watson, Research Fellow in the School of Health & Social Care was the academic liaison between the company, Beth and the University.

Thanks to Beth’s work the impact of these activities on the communities they serve will be measured. This means the projects that are of most value can be supported and gaps can be identified in activity that could be supported.

Sally Thomas, Head of Community Investment, North Star

'Measuring social impact is a major issue we wanted to tackle and, after finding out about sKTP from another housing association, we decided to go ahead.

Teesside University worked well in terms of our local identity and the people we spoke to understood very clearly what we needed and responded in a way that we thought was appropriate, relevant and useful.

The work Beth’s done so far has been really good and to time, budget and cost. We’re at a point now in the project where we knew what the system will look like and we will spend the final few months piloting it to see how it works.

It’s been great having Beth here as part of the organisation and it is also useful as part of the process to have the academic supervisor supporting her and sharing the latest knowledge and research.'

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