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Jonathan Galloway worked as a marketing officer at Omega Plastics, a leading plastics manufacturer specialising in injection moulding and rapid tooling. Its client list ranges from Unilever to luxury car brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin.

As part of a nine-month knowledge exchange internship (KEI) organised by Teesside University, Jonathan’s focus was to promote the successes of Omega Plastics which opened a new factory in Hartlepool in May 2012 to supplement the work at its head office in Blyth, Northumberland. His digital-focused marketing strategy is reaping dividends for the manufacturing firm which has seen an increase in sales.

Jonathan’s role was to look at marketing the products and the organisation holistically, focusing on areas such as the company website, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising and video and social media.

Jonathan, 22, from Durham, studied BA (Hons) Business Management at Teesside University and graduated in 2012. As part of the internship he was able to access technical support and mentoring from experts at Teesside University. 'We’ve been able to really target the audience. The potential for digital marketing is only just being unlocked. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge.'

Jonathan, who is now marketing manager at Omega Plastics, recently gave a lecture to Teesside University’s current business management and marketing students. The lecture was to help students develop a digital marketing strategy for a business as part of their assignment.

Dave Crone , managing director, Omega Plastics

‘We’re delighted with what Jonathan has achieved. As engineers we’re not particularly used to marketing so bringing in someone who can look at things with a fresh pair of eyes is very useful. Jonathan has brought us a change of direction in our approach to PR with other companies and our clients. To have that change you have got to have a catalyst and Jonathan has been that catalyst. This is a long-term strategy which will see a fundamental change in how we do business.'

David Norris, Teesside University’s marketing subject group leader

'This project has been very much driven by Jonathan. When we first started the knowledge exchange internship, the marketing was much more product orientated. We’ve tried to move things to being more market-orientated, listening to what the customers want and managing their expectations.'

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