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A unique internship scheme has helped a marketing agency position itself at the forefront of cutting-edge touchscreen technology. Gateshead-based Daykin & Storey employed James Leftley as a software developer as part of a Knowledge Exchange Internship (KEI) run by Teesside University.

James spent ten months developing new programmes and researching different ways to maximise touchscreen technology to help Daykin &Storey’s clients make the most of the emerging technology. The internship has allowed the company to experiment with new forms of programming and has resulted in testing the concept for a 21st century restaurant ordering system using tabletop touchscreens.

KEIs are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and place a talented graduate in a company for between six and 12 months to help complete a specific project or bring new skills to the business. The intern’s salary is subsidised and Teesside University also offers academic support and mentoring throughout the length of the KEI.

James Leftley, graduate intern
'This was a fairly unique opportunity for me to work with this cutting edge technology – not many people have the chance to work in this field. The internship has also helped me to develop my project management and presentation skills and seeing the whole thing come together has been fantastic. It has been a really positive experience.'

Peter Daykin, Director at Daykin &Storey

'Thanks to the internship we now have a basis of code that our developers can use to develop new programs for touchscreens. We also have a working prototype which we can take to our clients and together that forms a springboard to get into new markets. We will be working to put this concept out to market and will be talking to touchscreen manufacturers and restaurant owners about how they see value in it.'

Joao Ferreira, School of Computing, Teesside University

‘The knowledge taken from this project will help inform and improve the University’s teaching, particularly in relation to touchscreen technologies. It was very interesting to work with this new technology and it was fascinating looking at different ways multitouch technology can be used. Hopefully, as a result of the internship, Daykin & Storey will be able to attract new customers and grow their business.'


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)This project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government, securing £300m investment.

The project will make a major contribution to the ambition of the ERDF Competitive Programme 2007-13 and by increasing the numbers and survival of business start ups in the region and increasing business productivity.

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