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Personal Tutoring

The overall objective of Personal Tutoring at Teesside University is to provide you with a consistent, equitable and structured approach to pastoral, general academic and professional support.

If you are studying a taught course (60 credits and above) then you will be allocated a member of academic staff as your Personal Tutor; they will be a key point of contact helping you with your transition into, and progression through, your Higher Education studies.

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • Help support you as you begin your journey here at Teesside and as you progress through your years.
  • Provide pastoral support; they are part of a wider network of student support provided from within your School and different areas across the University and they will be able to signpost you to more specialised support as required.
  • Help you understand the feedback you receive providing general academic support so you can achieve your potential in your studies.
  • Discuss work related experiences and help you in your career/professional planning.

You will usually be informed of your Personal Tutor no later than one week following your enrolment. If you are a new student, you will normally have your first contact with your Personal Tutor during induction week (or the first week of you joining the University) and if you are a returning student, you will normally have your first meeting during the first three weeks.

Your Personal Tutor will draw on information about you, as appropriate, to help support you through your studies. For example, they will discuss with you your engagement data available in StREAM and other information including Records of Progress. Your Personal Tutor will be as flexible as possible in terms of arranging to meet with you and all interactions will be captured in StREAM so you can keep track of discussions and any actions arising from meetings with your Personal Tutor.

StREAM is like a fitness app for your education and will help you monitor your own learning. It is there to support you; it generates an individual engagement rating and provides you with a better understanding of how you are doing and what you can do to improve, if anything. It provides a personal picture of how you engage with learning opportunities and it will provide a focus for conversations with your personal tutor.
More information about StREAM

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