Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations (OSCAR) (formerly Ombuds Office)

Contact information and opening hours

Teesside University

T: 01642 384210

(You may just drop into the OSCAR , but it is preferable that you make an appointment, as we cannot guarantee that a member of staff will always be available to offer advice)

Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs - 9.00am-5.00pm
Fri - 9.00am-4.30pm
Sat and Sun - closed

Staff in the OSCAR office:
Marie Andrew (OSCAR Manager)
T: 01642 342322

Joanne Towell (OSCAR Administrator)
T: 01642 384210

Kimberley Westcough (Administrator)
T: 01642 384020

Academic Appeals (formerly Assessment Review)

The application packs includes a guide to assist you with the process. Before completing the application form it is important that you have read and understood the regulations.

What is an Academic Appeal?

When making an application for an academic appeal you are requesting an Academic Appeal Committee to ask an Assessment Board to reconsider a decision about your academic progress. In this sense, it is sometimes called an appeal.

The Academic Appeal Committee does not have the authority to overturn a decision made by the academic and professional specialists who constitute an Assessment Board. Instead, the Academic Appeal Committee can only ask the assessment board to reconsider its decision.

*Please note that an application for an academic appeal must normally be submitted within 25 days of your results being published.

Application packs:

You may download an application pack or request a copy from OSCAR.

Application pack

Where can you get advice?

OSCAR can assist you with the process and the Students' Union can provide advice and guidance on individual circumstances, including completing the application form and accompanying you to meetings.

What if you are unsure whether your case falls within the academic appeals process?

You should contact an adviser from the Students' Union who will be able to assist you.

T: 01642 342247