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Economics and Economic Development

Economics and Economic Development

Our specialist economists can support public and private sector organisations by:

  • Providing specialist advice and technical information related to country and regional economic environment and risks, focusing on the dynamics that may impact on our public bodies and private sectors, thus helping clients to plan their operations for the future effectively.
  • Providing briefing and accessible analysis on specific regional, national, and global economic policy (for example, macroeconomic policies, energy policy, international trade policies, etc) or development to both private businesses and public bodies
  • Providing specialist advice and technical information related to public policy designing, helping policymakers to understand the potential economic impact on their policies at regional and national levels
  • Evaluating economic impact of public policy

We guarantee quality. All our business services carry the Customer First Standard, a quality mark recognising excellent customer service. And we can also help you source financial support.

Our business service charter sets out our commitment to a professional business service for all our clients.

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