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The Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator Project

Helping SMEs in the Tees Valley bring product ideas to market.

The Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator Project

Teesside University is working with TWI Ltd to provide innovation support for SMEs in the Tees Valley*.

The Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator (TIA) offers fully-funded support to small and medium-sized businesses in the Tees Valley for innovations in new product, process and services development before taking them to market.

TIA - Supporting SMEs across the Tees Valley

As the government significantly increases the funding of projects for new innovative ideas that will bring to life the next generation of products, services and processes, the Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator (TIA) has been designed to help Tees Valley based SMEs access funding and grow through innovation; stimulating economic development, creating jobs and regenerating local communities.

Bringing product ideas to market

Ideally suited for businesses focused on innovation and product development, the Innovation Accelerator enables companies to leverage public funding, consultation and prototyping to maximise their potential for exploiting new technology concepts.

Consultancy services through TWI help plot a route from idea to market and this is supported by rapid prototyping of products through Teesside University. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) the Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator supports the transformation and acceleration of innovative ideas into commercial products, services or processes.

Prototyping support from Teesside University includes:

  • Computational simulation, photonics, mechanics and electronics
  • Prototyping using 3D printing and micro-milling
  • Development of smart products
  • Embedded microprocessor systems and interfacing and other electronic support
  • Printed circuit board layout and assembly including surface-mount and flexible assemblies
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The Tees Valley Innovation Accelerator is working with Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers

Matchsaver's protection covers are used by some of the biggest sports clubs in the world to help protect sports playing surfaces from inclement weather such as rain, front and snow.

Teesside University is working with Matchsaver to develop a new product prototype to widen access to their system. The company has been improving its design with innovative lightweight materials, and recently devised a new, self-propelled drive system. Having to provide total reliability in challenging conditions, such as at -20°C for Nordic installations, requires specialised new components and these, along with a radio control and motor drive system.

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