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Cyclist registration

Free cycle parking facilities

Secure cycle parking facilities are now FREE for all staff and students. You need complete this registration form and have a TUSC to access these facilities.

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We also want your opinion on how these facilities can be improved - simply email your comments and suggestions to

Facilities for cyclists on campus

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Cycle Mechanic at the University

Middlesbrough Walking & Cycling Hub

Teesside University is working hard to encourage and help staff and students to find greener ways of travelling to the university, and we want to keep you informed of upcoming developments, promotions and activities.

If you want to use the secure cycle store facilities at the University, you must complete your details below. By completing this form you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Bikes must not be brought into buildings and may not be stored in office accommodation.

Complete this form to access secure cycle facilities with your TUSC card.

Please complete the below fields to submit this form

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Usually found on the bracket where the pedals meet underneath

Terms & conditions of use

  • When using a cycle shelter with a door controlled by a card entry system always ensure this is closed behind you to prevent un-authorised entry.
  • Your access card to the cycle store has been authorised for your use only, and you must not use your card to allow others access or lend your card to anyone else.
  • Use of the cycle parking/storage facilities on campus is done at your own risk. Teesside University accepts no liability for loss or damage to possessions when using the facilities. We recommend that you always lock your cycle securely, even when parked in a secure locked shelter.
  • The University cannot guarantee availability of spaces within cycle parking facilities.
  • When parking your cycle please do so carefully and be considerate of other users (taking into consideration access issues and the safety of others).
  • Where cycle store facilities are shared with users of mobility vehicles, please ensure that you take the needs of these users into account when you store your cycle, providing adequate access for users to park and move mobility vehicles around the area, and ensuring they can gain access to charging points.
  • Where lockers are provided in cycle storage facilities you must not permanently reserve a locker - for example, by keeping the key for one particular locker for more than one day. This will help to ensure that lockers are always available for all users when parking cycles in the storage area. For safety and security Campus Services will hold a master key for all lockers.
  • Users who do not abide by these terms and conditions will have their access to these facilities terminated.
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