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Our students

Nik Quek

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Nik Quek

What made you decide to study a higher education course and why did you choose to study that particular subject?

I wanted to study at undergraduate level because I have a passion and interest in physiotherapy. When I graduate I want to become a physiotherapist and plan to open my own clinic. This course, through work placements and theoretical exams, will help me gain the knowledge and experience required to achieve my goal.

What do you enjoy about the course?

What I enjoy most about my course is the open communication we have between peers and lecturers, either through Blackboard or in class. It allows a free exchange of thoughts and an exploration of ideas. We don’t have to be afraid to ask questions, our questions don’t even have to relate to the topic in discussion, it’s a very supportive environment. Lessons are conducted in lecture rooms as well as industry-standard labs which give us practical hands-on experience and learning. Every session is different and thoroughly engaging, and the staff are very supportive.

What are your favourite modules and why?

I enjoy all my modules but I particularly enjoy Introduction to Physiology for Physiotherapists as we learn, in much more detail, what goes on inside the human body. We have been introduced to the physiology of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, and explore physiological concepts. I have come to understand just how remarkable and smart our bodies are.

What is your social life like at Teesside, have you joined any clubs or societies?

I have a good social life here which revolves around clubs, societies and sports. I would recommend joining clubs and societies when you arrive, I have made a lot of new friends through club and society activities. I have joined the equestrian society which has helped me improve my communication skills. I go swimming and have access to good sports facilities such as an all-weather football pitch, and the gym. The gym is great, it’s modern and equipped with a good range of equipment.

Would you recommend Teesside University and if so why?

I chose Teesside University because of the cost, the location, the facilities and reputation. Teesside University is very well catered for students and the facilities are excellent, in particular the 24 hour library which I use regularly. It’s equipped with many computers for you to use, quiet study rooms, and group study rooms which you can book in advance. There is also a convenient self-service system to check out books. In the library there is the Learning Café with healthy food options which is very convenient when you are studying. The campus is compact and easily accessible, everything I need is nearby. I would recommend Teesside, it’s an easy place to live and study, I have only been here a few months but I feel very settled.