Fees and scholarships

Information on costs, scholarships and discounts for international students.


International (non-European Union) students

The tuition fee stated is the full cost of the programme. Discounts/bursaries and scholarships do not apply to any non-standard fees.

Fees for international students

Courses starting in September 2017

The yearly fees for new international students (non-EU) on a full-time course in 2017-18 are:

  • £9,750 - international foundation programmes starting September (120 credits)
  • £10,750 - full-time undergraduate course
  • £1,350 - work placement year***
  • £10,450 - full-time postgraduate diploma course
  • £10,950 - full-time postgraduate course
  • £13,000 - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • £22,500 - Doctorate Business Administration (DBA)
  • £10,950 - full-time research degree (standard tier)
  • £13,650 - full-time research degree (higher tier)**
  • £5,475 - distance learning research degree (standard tier)
  • £6,825 - distance learning research degree (higher tier)**
  • £650 - postgraduate writing-up fee****

* The postgraduate taught degree, MBA, DBA and diploma is not an annual fee, it is the full cost of the programme, whether studied full-time or part-time. 

** Higher tier fees are charged for MPhil and PhD study based in the School of Science & Engineering to reflect the higher costs of these disciplines. The fee applicable will be clearly stated in your offer letter.

*** International student scholarship is not available to students during the work placement year.

****Research degree students - after a period of three years (five years for part-time students), and once the data gathering and analysis phase of the project is completed, students are entitled to a period of one year (two years for part-time students) at which a reduced writing-up fee is payable. The writing up fee for 2017-18 is £650 - this flat fee covers the writing-up period. If the work is not submitted for examination within the designated writing-up period, the fee will normally revert to the standard fee for the following year.

Courses starting in January 2017

  • £4,875 for a international foundation programme (a half-year programme for students with IELTS 5.5 with no band below 5.0)
  • £10,750 a year for a full-time undergraduate course
  • £10,450 a year for a full-time postgraduate diploma course
  • £10,950 a year for a full-time postgraduate course

Non-standard tuition fees

The tuition fee stated is the full cost of the programme. Discounts/bursaries and scholarships do not apply to any non-standard fees.

  • £3,500 for an MA Creative Writing (Distance Learning)                                                               
  • £495 per module or £3,960 HNC/HND TUOLE (Distance Learning)                  
  • £37,650 for a Doctorate Counselling Psychology (£12,550 per 180 credits)             
  • £15,340 for a Doctorate Psychology (Top-up)                                                                  
  • £11,000 for an MCh Orthopaedics                                                                                       
  • £11,000 for an MCh Surgical Gastroenterology and Minimally Invasive Surgery       
  • £13,000 for an MBA                                                                                                                
  •  £22,500 for a DBA (£5,625 per annum)                                                                           





Pre-sessional English course fees

  • £4,750 - 28 weeks
  • £3,600 - 18 weeks
  • £2,400 - 10 weeks
  • £1,250 - 5 weeks

More information on pre-sessional English courses

Deposits for self-funding students

If you are an international (non-European Union) student funding your own studies, you must pay a deposit of £4,000 before receiving your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number which enables you to apply for a visa. We confirm the required deposit in your conditional offer.

If you are applying for a six month International Foundation programme or a Pre-sessional English course the University requires full fees in advance.

If you are refused a visa, we refund your deposit. If your visa is issued, the University keeps your deposit.

Scholarships for international students

You may be eligible for a scholarship of £1000 or £1500 in your first year of study if you are an international (non-European Union) student studying on a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate programme. Scholarships are awarded to students with higher than average grades or English language ability. Find out more about scholarships here.

Staying-on bonus - £1,000 discount

If you are an international student (non-European Union) who studied with us at undergraduate level and you progress to a postgraduate course - or you complete a master's with us and progress to further postgraduate study - you are awarded £1,000 discount on your first-year fees for the next programme. This is provided that you apply directly to us and don't use an agent.

Cost of living

You need to allow approximately £1,015 a month for living costs for the duration of your programme. You must also make sure that you have enough money to pay for your full programme fees.

Payment terms

You must pay a deposit of £4,000 before you enrol at the University. You can pay the remaining balance in up to seven monthly instalments. If you are studying at the University full time and pay in full before you enrol, you are entitled to a £400 early payment discount.

Your course fees are fixed at the same level for all the years you study on the same course. As an international or European student you can pay fees in your own currency through Western Union .

Sponsored students

Your sponsor needs to confirm by letter that they are paying your fees before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. We only accept letters from approved sponsors. You must bring an original copy of your sponsorship letter when you arrive at the University to enrol. You are not entitled to an international scholarship.

Use the UNIAID to help you manage your money.
UNIAID international student calculator .

European Union students

Fees for European Union students

Scholarships for European Union students

At Teesside University we offer a generous funding package for home and European Union students who are starting in 2017 - these include scholarships, discounts, fee waivers and bursaries.
More about our funding offer for undergraduate EU students
More about our funding offer for postgraduate EU students

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